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Hi there! Welcome to our mathsite! We focus on topics related to high school math (leaning towards the analytic geometry portion of the Ontario grade 10 math curriculum, though we’ll occasionally deviate from it \ddots\vdots\ddots\cdots). We hope that you’ll have mathximum enjoyment of your time here (and here).

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  • Stretch your thinking: Leave some time in order to ruminate on what you read, including the “tasks” at the end of (most of) our posts. We really want you to get something, even if it won’t count for marks. Remember: “Doing what doesn’t count for marks might be a mark of those who’ll eventually do what counts”.
  • Switch to theory: Love abstract, theoretical concepts as much as their concrete, numerical counterparts. If not, most of the material in this blog will become immaterial.
    \textrm{\textbf{T}o}\quad\textrm{\textbf{E}xplain}\quad \textrm{\textbf{A}}\quad \textrm{\textbf{C}oncept}\quad\textrm{\textbf{H}olistically}.
Analytic geometry: straight from factory, sprinkled with poetry, saturated with theory.